The Joshua Victor Theory

The Untamable Tongue

September 15, 2009

Sermon on James 3:1-12 for the 15th Sunday after Pentecost

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  1. What deadly work can the tongue do? How have you been hurt by someone else’s tongue? How have you hurt someone with your tongue?

  1. Why is gossip so harmful? What is the purpose of the 8th commandment, and what does it seek to protect? Exodus 20:16, and see explanation in the Small Catechism.

  1. What other evil uses is our tongue put to? See Psalm 5:9; 12:1-8; 50:19; 52:2-4. Contrast with Psalm 35:27-28; 37:30; 39:1; 66:17; 71:24; 119:172; Philippians 2:10-11. How does this show we are at the same time saint and sinner?

  1. What hope is there for our untamable tongue? How can this salt spring be turned fresh?

  1. What did Jesus’ tongue accomplish? Isaiah 50:4ff; see the entire Gospels.

  1. Who ultimately feels the insult and the pain when we curse or insult a brother? Matt. 25:40, 45. Why?

  1. How does the pure speech of Jesus’ tongue overflow to blessing in our lives? How did He and does He still speak to us, and what blessing does it bring? How will all tongues finally be tamed? Phil. 2:10-11

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