The Joshua Victor Theory

Palms or Thorns for our King?

April 5, 2009

Sermon on Mark 15:1-47 for Palm Sunday.

Sermon Talking Points:

  1. How does the change in mood from Lent and Holy Week, all the way through Good Friday, prepare us for Easter?
  2. What pointed to Jesus’ kingship in the Scriptures, on Palm Sunday? On Good Friday?
  3. What was the scale of the conflict into which Jesus entered? What was the method of His battle? How did it seem to the people?
  4. Why did Jesus remain silent to His accusers? Read Isaiah 53.
  5. What warning is there in this about perverting justice? How are we (and our leaders) tempted to do this today? See Exodus 23.
  6. How was the cross the place where Jesus gained His glory? How was His kingship made evident there? What was different about His kingship?
  7. How does Jesus identify with the “God-forsaken?” Read Psalm 22. What did His unparalleled forsakenness accomplish for us?

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