The Joshua Victor Theory

Live Caught for the Lord’s Service

July 16, 2017

Sermon on Luke 5:1-11, for the 5th Sunday after Trinity (1 Yr. Lectionary), about the call of Peter, the miracle catch of fish, the call to discipleship, and Peter's unworthiness. How does Jesus come to us in our sin? What use does He have for our gifts? Why does He ask for our help? How do we react like Peter to the Lord's commands? 

I also have composed a hymn to accompany this passage, printed below:


Into a Net that Christ Prepares

Text: Joshua V. Schneider

Meter: CM (86 86)

Melody: MCKEE (LSB 653 In Christ there is No East or West)


Into a Net that Christ Prepares

A world of sinners swim

His Gospel promises He shares

And whole, encircles them.


Though nets may strain, they will not break

His church, it firm shall stand,

For this confession it shall make:

“Christ is Living God and Man!”


Before His holiness we cry:

“Have mercy, Lord, on me!”

And on our knees hear His reply,

“From all your sins be free!”


“Caught live for purposes my own,

Gifts I bestow on you;

Are to be used as I have shown,

Serve them as I have you.”


Beholding Christ with unveiled face,

His image we will take;

Drawn on our service He will trace,

To live for other’s sake.


Into the world the Gospel casts

The joy of Christ’s new life!

Releases us from dreadful blasts,

Of sin and bitter strife.


God’s kingdom prospers by His grace

We’re sent by His command

Catch men and women, every race

Drawn by His nail-marked hand.