The Joshua Victor Theory

Life in the Valley

February 23, 2009

A sermon on Mark 9:2-9 for Transfiguration Sunday.

Sermon Talking Points

  1. Have you ever had a religious ‘mountaintop’ experience? What’s the problem with chasing after such an experience, or trying to live off such experiences?
  2. How did Peter try to prolong the experience? What did the voice of God tell him to do instead?
  3. Transfiguration comes from the Greek word, “metamorphosis.” How was Jesus transfigured, and what did it mean?
  4. Who were Moses and Elijah, and what did their presence indicate? What Biblical hope does their presence bear witness to? What does it imply about our condition in heaven?
  5. Why did Jesus’ glory need to remain cloaked or hidden while on earth, until His death and resurrection? Why can’t humans see God (yet) in His unclothed glory?
  6. How are we as believers being transfigured, and why? How does this transform our mundane or earthly lives into spiritual lives? What mountaintop destination are we headed for, and what sights await us?

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