The Joshua Victor Theory

Jesus Speaks Peace to Our Fears

April 26, 2009

Sermon on Luke 24:36-49 for the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Sermon Talking Points:

  1. What are some ways we express our fears about death, and how does that leave us without peace? How do we try to hide ourselves from death, rather than facing it?
  2. How does Jesus speak peace to the disciples’ (and our) fear about death? What doubts about the resurrection did He allay?
  3. How is our understanding of the Old Testament, and Scripture as a whole, incomplete without the knowledge and centrality of Christ? How does Scripture seem without Christ? With Christ?
  4. What made Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection an act of Divine Necessity? Why did these things have to be so?
  5. What was the consequence for the disciples of hearing and seeing this resurrection for themselves? What message must now go out? (re-read Luke 24:45-49).
  6. How did the disciples, and how do we, gain the courage and confidence to share this message with others? How does Christ’s resurrection awaken us to the need of others to hear this message?
  7. What makes this message essential to all who live in a world of fear?

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