The Joshua Victor Theory

I Am Willing; Be Clean!

February 19, 2009

Sermon on Mark 1:40-45, for the 6th Sunday after Epiphany.

Sermon Talking Points:

1. What kind of uncleanness do you find or feel in your own life? What sin or shame do you carry that makes you unclean?

2. What posture do we take before Christ, to seek cleansing? Where does it put our trust?

3. Who have you considered unclean, though Christ has declared them clean? How has that changed how you treated them?

4. How did Christ show compassion? How is He the model of true human compassion? How does this change how we look at and treat those in question #3?

5. What is the power of Christ’s spoken Word? Examples? How does He bring it to us today?

6. In what ways did Jesus take on the uncleanness of the man with leprosy? In what way is our uncleanness given up to Him?

7. Where was our substitution finally accomplished? What benefits do we receive in exchange for our sin and uncleanness that was given to Christ?

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