The Joshua Victor Theory

Hope in God

November 30, 2017

Sermon on Psalm 42, for Advent 1 Midweek, about this Psalm of individual lament, and how it expresses the storms and griefs of the soul, while trusting in God through the dark times. What role had the Psalmist had, and how did that color his present sadness? What is the basis of his hope? What imagery describes the sadness of his heart? How can we weather such storms?


* We had a wonderful service of Evening Prayer, at which I preached this message, and we sang many beautiful variations of Psalm 42 and hymns inspired by it or echoing themes of it. Our sermon hymn was "As the Hart" by Dewey Westra, from the Genevan Psalter, and we also sang "When Peace Like a River" (It is Well with my Soul), and "The Night Will Soon Be Ending". I wish I had made a recording to share with you the beauty of the singing! Truly stirring, with rich words of Scripture as the foundation. 

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