The Joshua Victor Theory

From Survival to Salvation

November 23, 2009

Sermon on Mark 13:24-37 for the Last Sunday of the Church Year

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  1. What makes “end of the world” disaster movies so popular? Why is it futile to try to place a date on the world’s end? (Mark 13:32).

  1. What information does Jesus give us about the end of the world? The apostle Peter? (2 Peter 3). What are the warning signs? (read all of Mark 13).

  1. What does it mean that the “powers in the heavens will be shaken?” What power remains unshaken on the Last Day? How does Jesus stand as a refuge for all believers on that day? (Psalm 46; Isaiah 41:6; Mark 13:26, 31).

  1. What do each of the two parables in our reading teach us about Jesus’ return and how we are to be prepared for it? How are we to “be on guard, stay awake?”

  1. In what way are we expecting much more than mere survival, but a total and complete salvation? On what does our hope rest? What odds were against our salvation?

  1. How did Jesus, the hero of our story, save us? How did He put His almighty power to work in His first coming, and how will He put it to work again in His second coming? How’s the real story of salvation superior to all the earthly stories that echo it? What’s the conclusion? Where do you fit in?

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