The Joshua Victor Theory

Craving Good News

December 20, 2010

Sermon on Matthew 1:18-25 for the 4th Sunday in Advent.

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1. Does the Christmas story seem distant and disconnected for you, or does it seem alive and present? Why? Do you agree that we live in a “bad-news” world? Why do people prefer to listen to bad news?

2. What does the kind of news and media that you pay attention to tell you about yourself? What makes the Gospel of Jesus, the “good news” so “newsworthy” and deserving of our highest attention? Why is it still a significant “news story” 2,000 years later?

3. How did Jesus’ birth intersect with a world of real difficulties, danger, and challenges? How did this cause Mary and Joseph to have all the more faith in God? What was Joseph’s solution going to be at first, to this unexplained pregnancy? Matt. 1:19. When has God put you in a challenging situation that made you depend totally on Him by faith?

4. Examine some of the prophecies that pointed to Jesus’ birth. How do these alert us to the significance of the event? (approx. years B.C. in parentheses) Genesis 3:15 (4,000+); Numbers 24:17 (1,500); Isaiah 7:14 (700); Micah 5:2 (700).

5. What are ways that “spiritual” people talk about God being with us today? What is different about how Christians mean it when they say that “God is with us?” In what ways was Jesus human? Hebrews 4:15. Why was Jesus’ birth the major first step in God’s Divine Rescue Plan?

6. How can we help change a “bad news world” by bringing the “good news?” What is that good news about?

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