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Confessing Jesus

May 13, 2012

Sermon on Acts 10:34-48, for the 6th Sunday of Easter, about Peter's sermon to the Gentile household of Cornelius, the centurion.

Sermon Talking Points

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1. Read Acts 10:1-33. What were the events that led up to Peter’s sermon in verses 34ff? Who was Cornelius, and how did this encounter happen?

2. Describe God’s impartiality and how it contrasts with human favoritism: Acts 10:34; Job 34:19; 2 Chronicles 19:7; Rom. 2:9-11; Eph. 6:9; James 2:1-9. What things tend to influence us toward favoritism? God shows no favoritism among those who “fear him and do what is right,” regardless of their nation. What is the “fear of God?” Read Exodus 20:20 after the giving of the 10 commandments. How is the word “fear” used in two different ways in this verse?  Also see Deut. 6:13-14; 8:6;  Prov. 9:10

3. How is verse 38 a testimony to the Trinity?

4. Why did Jesus appear to those whom He chose? Luke 16:30-31; 1 Cor. 15:3-11. What simple truth did Jesus’ eating and drinking with them after His resurrection reveal?

5. How does Jesus’ appointment by God to be the “judge of the living and the dead” make Him an inescapable figure for every human being? Not only does history hinge on His life, death, and resurrection, but our eternal future hinges on Him as well. There is no “neutral” position towards Him.

6. What is confession? How did Peter bear witness or testify about Jesus? How is this the heart and core of Christian evangelism? 1John 5:6-12

7. How can you be more aware of opportunities around you to witness?

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