The Joshua Victor Theory

At God’s Right Hand

June 3, 2011

Sermon on Acts 1:1-11 for Ascension Day, Jesus' ascension into heaven 40 days after Easter, to be seated at God's Right Hand.

Sermon Outline:

1. Day of Triumph—sublime and awesome mystery—Jesus ascends to the place of honor at God’ right hand. Imagine the celebration at the victor returning home! a. Father is spirit, and so what does “the right hand” mean? Not “displaced” from us by infinite distance, but ruling in God’s power and dominion everywhere. Power, authority exercised. Honor. Place of intercession b. Christ alone can rightfully claim this honor. His humbling Himself, incarnation, death, and resurrection earned Him this rightful honor. Redemption necessary for Jesus to become our intercessor. c. Our confidence of our own ascension into heaven (Where the head is, there the members of the body will be also!), resurrection of the body, forgiveness and Jesus’ intercession. God justifies.

2. Prepare a place for us. God is waiting for you! A restored and perfect heavenly fellowship with God, through Jesus’ blood: access to the heavenly throne of grace.

3. What remains to be done? All powers and authorities are being subjected to Jesus: a. 12 But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God, 13 waiting from that time until his enemies should be made a footstool for his feet. (Heb. 10:12-13) b. 24 Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power. 25 For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. 26 The last enemy to be destroyed is death. 27 For “God has put all things in subjection under his feet.” But when it says, “all things are put in subjection,” it is plain that he is excepted who put all things in subjection under him. 28 When all things are subjected to him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to him who put all things in subjection under him, that God may be all in all. (1 Cor. 15:24-28) c. When Jesus has finally subdued and destroyed all enemies and authorities, and made them subject to the Father, He will transfer all authority back to Him. Death will be destroyed. Eternal life for us, who have believed in Jesus! d. Jesus continues to intercede for us, and He is eternally seated in that position of authority, so we have the promise of His eternal, righteous & merciful rule. e. He will return to judge the living and the dead, and to bring us home.

4. Confidence built on Christ at God’s Right hand for us

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